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Apart from exit rows, bulkhead (and to a lesser extent row 2), the seat pitch on JQ is awful. I'm not that tall but always end up with sore knees after a JQ flight unless I've managed to snag one of the good seats.

Their rate of IRROPS is higher than NZ in my experience, and with limited backup aircraft/crew it usually results in significant disruption (e.g. not able to fly until next day). If you aren't able to resolve at the service desk they you have to deal with the online chat lottery (long queue times and quite variable outcomes - sometimes decent and others ridiculous).

Their schedule isn't the best for same-day work trips. Lately they've been changing the schedule about a month ahead, so if you are booking earlier than this you run the risk of a significant change in schedule.

Based in HKK you will also have to deal with their no connection policy - so separate ticket for CHC-HKK vv or drive.

As you note, the main benefit is price. Even with a bundle JQ is normally much cheaper than NZ these days.
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