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Originally Posted by moebod View Post
Hi all,

Have read through this thread, as well as a few others. Very usefull info, thanks to all who contributed!

I wanted to hear from folks here if I came to the proper conclusion of which is the best overall property for my upcoming trip in Jan.

We are going to be coming from NY, it will be me and the wife and 80% chance taking a 1 year old along. (Tell me about it....oldest conflict...)

We only have 4 days 3 nights there, so not too concerned about the nightly rate.

Things I believe are important:

Top service (aman style)
- New/nice hard product (villa) I like modern, but not a must at all.
- Privacy on the overwater villas (ie even when you go into the ocean)
- From the better locations for getting the most natural and serene experiences such as fish spotting from villa area, and a house reef etc etc (nicest dive spots acceptable from resort...)

​​Things that I would prefer but not a must:
- nice beach area to hang at, not just one that many guests are there (ie an island that has various spots so as you can get privacy with some luck)
- a resort where can save travel time and/or the "fear" of skipping a seaplane and being able to get there by boat (wife doesnt like tiny planes, but too bad if that will compromise)

Things that are not important at all:

-Food! I know that seems odd, but basically its not relavant to us as kosher diets, we bring our own more or less...

I have come to the conclusion that the Nautilus was the way to go, and they are running decent specials with 30% or more off. But very happy to hear opinions, and if theres a better overall choice?
If you want overwater and privacy, have you considered the romantic residence at Velaa? Completely detached from everything, overwater, great service, ...
The only downside is you'll have to take a seaplane if you fly commercial. Private jets can land at Mafaaru International Airport from where it's a 30min boat ride.
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