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@petermcc this is exactly the same question I wanted to post here since I've been upgraded to silver! I would very much like to create the together account, however I have postponed it due to precisely this condition, since there is a very high likelihood that no members-to-be of this together account will take any flights within the next 6 months. Of course that rule was created under different conditions, but since it hasn't changed I find it to be extremely aggressive ("account could be closed and miles lost"!!! ).

What bothers me now: Let's say I do activate the together account while I still am silver and then take one or more flights... what if after that nobody flies for 6+ months? This case isn't covered by that rule, but still I'd be reluctant to proceed with the together account, considering how many "horror stories" I've read around here (audits, passports requested etc. etc., accounts frozen etc.).
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