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You're making quite a lot of big statements here: on quality of water, on presence of potentially life-threatening bacteria, on the fact that the water shouldn't be drank and forced labour. A source or two on all that wouldn't go amiss.
I certainly don't drink anything that comes out of the plane's water tank.

There have been studies which came to the result that the water out of the tanks isn't particularly clean. E.g., a 2019 joint study of Hunter College's Food Policy Center and dietdetective.com tested the tap water on a large number of US carriers. They found it to be contaminated with varying levels of E. coli and coliform. There is another study from 2015 published in a refereed journal which also provides evidence towards less than stellar microbial quality of potable water.

Infrequent cleaning of planes' water tanks seems to be an issue. It's also curious to note that there's often a sign in lavatories warning you not to drink the water. But when water from the same source is served up to you in the cabin, it's suddenly okay to drink.

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