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Rough start to this thread. Here’s what LarryJ was inferring based on an internal communication with the pilots.

The initial MAX flying will be operated by B737 pilots based in DEN & IAH with flights originating from each city.

Sim training is only conducted in DEN (not IAH) and as the required FAA training is performed the MAX flying will most likely increase from the other bases as operationally feasible.

Hope this helps clarify.
Is the plan to operate the MAX in and out of IAH and DEN only just an initial rollout? I realize the crews will be only based there for awhile but I ask because I know an IAD based crew person who routinely (before COVID obviously) flew many flights in the middle of trips which never touched IAD. I can see this interim plan for flights as UA might want the aircraft to never be more than one scheduled flight away from a base in case some special maintenance issue must be addressed that's different from the 737 fleet as a whole.
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