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Originally Posted by yhm85 View Post
Any recent views on FS KH vs FS LG? I’m looking to go for 4 nights and while KH appeals from accessibility perspective, I’m worried about too much noise or light pollution at KH.

for context I’m traveling with a friend so looking for something polished and less families oriented. At KH, any feedback on the new Deluxe Beach Pavilions (i believe only 2 years old now)?
Book Maldives a lot but not at the FS properties. As much as I love FS and speaking as a FSPP Advisor/fan boy, I don't think it's the way to go for Maldives. There are so many more luxe options and I do think the best ones will require a seaplane. Some like O&O, which is accessible by boat but I hated my visit and while that is subjective, there are definitely tons of families there.

I'd take a look at Cheval Blanc, Joali (great promo), Velaa.
Polished these three are! Had/have 3 sets of clients at Joali just this week. 2 sets left very happy and another arrived just Thursday and loving it!

If being accessible by boat is a huge factor to you, I'd take a look at Gili as well. It's rustic and not for everyone. Many of the lower categories only have A/C in its bedroom but it was rebuilt last year after the fire and service is always good. Usually very fondly thought of by most who have been. But again, must like rustic.
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