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Originally Posted by hkcj View Post
This. To take advantage of their generosity, I would have had to intentionally try to hack their system against all their normal posted policies (e.g. that a canceled flight booked with a travel credit retains the original travel credit's date).

I don't, by the way, think they have any obligation to help. I canceled a non-refundable ticket in February, and then a pandemic hit. Why should they eat the cost rather than me? The only answer I can really think of is that they got lots of our tax money, but that's a pretty weak argument since that was for jobs. But I do think it's a bit scheme-ey to have a loophole for hyper-engaged customers and leave everyone else out in the dust. (Note that hyper-engaged customers are not necessarily the highest spenders: not every frequent traveler has time to be keeping up on the forums.)
That's all I am saying. Generally, rebooking using funds doesn't extend the travel date. Why would it have been different this time?!

I am not going to get in the argument of who should eat the cost because of pandemic OR about WN in general. That would be going off-topic.

However, I had have better luck with getting refunds/ credits (for COVID impacted travel) from American Airlines (surprise!), Air Canada, LH and Qatar (J tix - $$$). For WN, being an airline that prides on transparency, this was a colossal failure IMHO.
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