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Originally Posted by hkcj View Post
I'm in the same boat. ....
FWIW, there is apparently the voucher option. $100 fee (use an Amex card to use the travel credit?) and a 6 month extension from when you request it (within 6 months of expiration). I spent hours being annoyed, then realized it probably wasn't worth my energy.
Agreed. I don't understand their Sept timeline.
Virus hasn't gone anywhere. Vaccine is still months away from being available. People are getting sick and worse, dying. It is not unreasonable for people to ask for extensions (not even refunds).

Originally Posted by lougord99 View Post
I don't know anything about Delta, but AA certainly does not have better and I would argue much worse. You can track your funds on Southwest website, you cannot on AA. You simply need your PRN on Southwest, which you can get from the website, on AA you need a 'ticket number' which you can only get by cancelling or changing and then you must keep your cancel or change email. You can use your funds on the Southwest web site, you must call reservations to use AA funds on a reservation.

I do not understand where you feel AA is better than Southwest on this.
Agreed but this is a part of their normal infrastructure. Policy-wise, Southwest did not handle this well, imo.

PS - I am going to keep these flight records for few months incase there is a class action in future.

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