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Originally Posted by carsnoceans View Post
Yes I just learned about the book with funds and cancel trick. I don't think it was well thought out... or maybe WN did not realize the extent of lasting infection.

Either ways, it's been more than 2 months past September and WN should have done something abt it unless they are plainly out to get their customers money.

Edit - Datapoint: Their twitter support pretty much admitted to this loophole but can't do anything about it now. Other reports show same results for emailing Customer Relations.
I'm in the same boat. I contacted their twitter support & called them, and pointed out that they rewarded customers who tried a hack, while punishing customers who patiently waited for an extension. My credit expires in Feb 2021 and I almost certainly won't get to use it. The whole experience has soured me on Southwest vs. how the mainline carriers are handling it. I'd argue that Delta & AA currently have better change policies than Southwest, and equivalent ones beyond the new year.

FWIW, there is apparently the voucher option. $100 fee (use an Amex card to use the travel credit?) and a 6 month extension from when you request it (within 6 months of expiration). I spent hours being annoyed, then realized it probably wasn't worth my energy.
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