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Originally Posted by nsx View Post
I still hope for another opportunity to extend expiration, but September 7 this year was the deadline to extend expiration. The trick was to book anything with the funds then cancel it. This was posted on this forum and in the newsflash thread:

There are thousands of people in your position. I urge Southwest to give you all the same break that those of us who used the "book and cancel" trick got.
Yes I just learned about the book with funds and cancel trick. I don't think it was well thought out... or maybe WN did not realize the extent of lasting infection.

Either ways, it's been more than 2 months past September and WN should have done something abt it unless they are plainly out to get their customers money.

Edit - Datapoint: Their twitter support pretty much admitted to this loophole but can't do anything about it now. Other reports show same results for emailing Customer Relations.

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