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Originally Posted by carsnoceans View Post
I had booked some cheap flights on AMEX in Dec 2019, ended up canceling them few days later and converted these to travel funds. I wasn't worried about their usage since I had fairly aggressive travel plans for this year. Moving on to 2020... all travel is canceled and thankfully, most airlines were gracious enough to work with extensions. However, I did not realize since these were canceled before March and expiration for these travel funds is after Sept 7th, these will not be extended by SW!!

Only travel funds created or expiring between March and Sept were extended till Sept 2022. This seems to be unfair and arbitrary timeline. Infection rates haven't dropped much less stopped since September.... nothing has changed.
(My only possible workaround here would have been to rebook using old funds and cancel again b/w months of March and Sept, HOPING that these would have a new expiration. Although, these could have still kept the original expiration which is normally the case)

CSR on ph absolutely refused to help and stated policy. Suggested reaching out on email to Customer Relations. Any thoughts/ comments to resolve this situation?
I still hope for another opportunity to extend expiration, but September 7 this year was the deadline to extend expiration. The trick was to book anything with the funds then cancel it. This was posted on this forum and in the newsflash thread:

There are thousands of people in your position. I urge Southwest to give you all the same break that those of us who used the "book and cancel" trick got.
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