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Originally Posted by tcl View Post
The fry quality tends to vary quite a bit with each 5 Guys location. There was one local to us that we loved because the guy manning the fry station, double fried the fries belgian style so that they were always extra crispy. He also did not over salt them. Then that location closed and relocated to a nicer space the next town over and now the fries are limp and greasy because it's not the same people at the fry station. The burgers however, tend to be consistently tasty, sometimes a bit salty, squashed and messy to eat across most locations.

I've only tried Smashburger twice at different locations. The burgers were ok but I did love the parmesean fries.

If you're doing takeout or eating in your car because dining rooms are closed because of Covid, couldn't you get burgers in one place and fries from another if the places aren't too far apart?
Good info. Limp fries are why I don't like In-N-Out. Yes, take out but since a friend is picking me up, I don't want to make her drive to 2 places plus I just want to get my food, stuff my face at home and go to sleep.
Parmesan fries, you say? That sounds right up my alley.
There is a new Popeye's near the place but not quite open yet otherwise I would go there for a fried chicken piece of heaven sandwich.
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