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Originally Posted by ISTFlyer View Post
It seems that instead of dealing with TK ticketing agents at the airport, for the peace of mind, you decided to purchase a new ticket.
That was a separate, but related issue. As soon as the ticket agent screwed up the original ticket, I immediately purchased a new (much more expensive) ticket as the flights to ECN were selling out very fast. Good job I did as well.

Then - once all the flights to ECN sold out for that whole week, I wanted to guard against a missed connection, as TK might not be able to get me on the next flight. We were able to get on the earlier LHR>IST flight in the end, as some availability opened up at the last minute, which meant a change was possible.

The correct thing for TK to do, would be to refund the 2nd (more expensive) ticket, as I wouldn't have needed to buy it, if they hadn't screwed up the first ticket. But it's probably going to be easier to get a refund on the original ticket.
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