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Originally Posted by bennos View Post
How is this a major devaluation? I'd be surprised if more than a dozen people per flight use streaming IFE. Sure, it's a service cut, but it's a pretty minor one (especially compared to, say, F&B). And I'd expect DL to be doing anything it can to save money at this point so they're still in business when travel recovers in the next year or two.
Perhaps "major" was a bit strong of a term, but I don't think I would call it "minor" either. I guess I will split the difference and just call it "significant." Don't get me wrong, I would gladly sacrifice streaming IFE to resume normal F&B service.

Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
Agree, but not all DL aircraft have the seat back screens.
Very true. Thankfully the majority of DL aircraft I'm on have seat back screens. Usually when I am on a non seat back screen aircraft (formally an MD, but now probably a 717) the routes are usually less than an hour. Still, these planes do occasionally operate longer runs (I seem to remember being on a 717 SEA-LAS last year) and the streaming will be missed.
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