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Originally Posted by Tafflyer View Post
I think how significant 2 or 4 hours is depends on the traveller and is not really specifically for BA to set. If a 2 hour change means you cannot make a meeting then even that is significant.

In the past, I have shifted flights to months later due to a 1:30 change that clearly no longer served my purpose. That is almost certainly even easier to justify with 4 hours. I would stick to your guns and insist on a free change or cancellation.

In case BA doesn't play ball, couldn't you request an FTV (Future Travel Voucher) under the COVID book with confidence scheme and redeem that for another ticket at a later date?
I fully agree that significant is variable but on the phone both the BA agent and his manager were very sure that it didn't matter how significant it was to me, simply that BA now consinder any schedule change under 4 hours not to be significant and as such not willing to do anything without appropriate fees. There is no now way I can get to Heathrow in time via public transport (or even a BA connection flight from Manchester as there isnt one early enough) without staying the night before they still deemed the change to be insignificant.

The voucher gives an easy way out and to be honest for Avios tickets where they are easy to cancel its not an issue, but once the Covid vouchers don't exist any more to me the risk of making a revenue booking is to great based on BA's new rules for many of the trips I would usually make.
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