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Originally Posted by born sleepy View Post
"LOYALTY IS FOR CHUMPS!" says the guy who claims to only buy F. Not all of us are that fortunate.
Technically, I never claimed to ONLY buy first. When I want first, I buy it. I didn't invent the "Want first? Buy first." rule, by the way. I believe someone on the DL board was the first strong advocate for WFBF: Bubbasomethingorother. So, thank you, Bubba!

I won't occupy a middle seat under any (ok, most) circumstances but I don't particularly hate Y aisles/windows on 300 mile flights. Heck, back in the MD-80 days I'd be reasonably happy with 21A on a 3 hour flight. But AA has made its Y experience so miserable and retired the MD-80, the only decent domestic plane in Y, so, yeah there's no way I will fly AA Y for more than about +/- 900 miles/2.5 hours. I've posted elsewhere that I would have no qualms flying NK and paying for a Big Front Seat on a 2-3 hour flight so, yes, I would argue that being loyal to an airline is rather stupid in this day and age.

First class monetization is the best thing ever to happen to frequent flyers!

For those short haul (former Wright Amdt.) type markets where Y is endurable, it boggles the mind that anyone in DFW would be loyal to AA right now while booking WN still gets you a guaranteed empty middle seat.

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