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Originally Posted by fly747first View Post
I think you are failing to put it in context. Texas has no state income tax and millions of people moved to the DFW area within the last few years. I bet you anything that AA has more elites based in DFW than DL at CVG/SLC or UA at DEN, for instance.
I would not take that bet. By sheer numbers, you are probably correct. But the number of AA elites in DFW strikes me as completely irrelevant to whether or not DFW counts as a fortress.

Again, CLT is objectively more a fortress than DFW. In fact, I suspect that AA elites as a percentage of all AA POO CLT/DFW O&D pax is higher at CLT than DFW. The problem is that 100% of the elites in CLT (both of them! ) doesn't buy you a whole heck of a lot and you wind up with a hub that has to live off of low yielding flow traffic despite it being a massive "fortress." (Ref pmNW at MEM)

To me, a fortress hub is a function of overwhelming local market share and an ability to dictate price in the market. I know for a fact that WN pricing impacts AA pricing at DFW.

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