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Originally Posted by scubadu View Post
I'd assume that by any definition of "fortress hub" that someone chooses to adopt, DFW would fit said definition. If it did not, then I have no idea what airport would fit a definition of fortress hub...
DFW the airport or DFW (QDF) the market?

I will admit that I do not know AA's current O&D market share in QDF. I suspect though that given the huge WN operation in town and WN focus on deemphasizing Wright markets in favor of longer haul routes out of DAL, AA does not have nearly the fortress that some might think. There's also been a lot of NK growth at DFW that could siphon off a fair amount of DFW O&D traffic here and there.

To me, a true fortress hub would be something like DL at CVG/SLC, NW at DTW/MEM/MSP, or UA at DEN (after CO and FL dehubbed there), AL at PIT. Maybe even AA at MIA before the growth of LCCs at FLL.

I don't think DFW ever really met the test of a fortress hub. Would need to see share data to know for sure. The only time it could have would have been after DL pulled out and before WN built up DAL to post-Wright markets. Similarly, ATL for DL was never the fortress some made it out to be. That market has usually had a second carrier with a fairly large hub. Think EA, AirTran, now WN.

Edited to add: and of course one of the most obvious fortresses of them all: PMUS/current AA at CLT. I'm sure AA's local market share at CLT is higher than it's ever been in DFW. Unfortunately for USdbaAA building your fortress in a place with almost no local demand and even less local premium demand is a pretty bad formula for success!

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