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Originally Posted by lincolnjkc View Post
That's what tripped me up -- while the trip I eventually book will need to be refundable this was a search based on "lowest available" (in part because UA.com can't seem to remember/apply my fare type search preferences) -- virtually every bucked on IAH-GRU is not only available but wide open (9) so it wasn't clicking why that segment would book in Y... it seems, though that none of the fares other than Y are combinable with the C fare thus yielding this result.

Also interesting that it was the #1 result but I've long given up trying to figure out what, if any, logic is applied to the default sort on .com
I think it in UA.comís wording is Ďbest matchí, but Iíve long given up on trying to figure out what order that is, or why it gives certain options but leaves out others (ie, will give an A-B-C option with a 36 minute connection, but not the the same A-B option connecting to the B-C flight with a 1:30 layover instead). It seems to be mostly in order of departure time, but not seemingly always, and doesnít seem to be always best fares, because Iíve seen those all over the place in the order, too. Iíve also seen tags such as Ďbest optioní (or something similar), but not sure how those are chosen either, as Iíve often seen the same A-B-C connection, with a very close layover/total trip time, but different times of day, and canít figure out why the midday option (for example) gets that Ďbest optioní over the early morning or early evening options which price the same.
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