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Originally Posted by Often1 View Post
The Y fare is fully refundable while the D fare is not. That may not matter to OP, but it does to some businesses, perhaps many on this particular route. Fare differentials such as this are fairly common. Most would book below Y, but it's not available so Y it is.
That's what tripped me up -- while the trip I eventually book will need to be refundable this was a search based on "lowest available" (in part because UA.com can't seem to remember/apply my fare type search preferences) -- virtually every bucked on IAH-GRU is not only available but wide open (9) so it wasn't clicking why that segment would book in Y... it seems, though that none of the fares other than Y are combinable with the C fare thus yielding this result.

Also interesting that it was the #1 result but I've long given up trying to figure out what, if any, logic is applied to the default sort on .com
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