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Originally Posted by aabbcc View Post
To follow-up on my experience, after initially closing the dispute in my favor, Amex eventually re-billed me for the charge since the airline responded that they had offered a travel credit, which Amex deemed to be a satisfactory resolution. I reopened the dispute online and provided a copy of the airline CoC, but Amex again closed the dispute in favor of the merchant. At this point, I tried calling, but the Amex phone representative essentially told me not to expect to see my money again. Unfortunately, since the flight was wholly international, we were not protected by DOT regulations. I subsequently filed a complaint with the CFPB (for goods not received), and Amex has now reopened the case and issued a credit while they investigate further, so we'll see where this goes...
Good to know. My experience was essentially the same except that I didn't bother calling after AmEx sided with Air Canada the second time, figuring it'd be a waste of time. Thing is, my flight was under the jurisdiction of DOT (U.S. to Canada one-way), and purchased when Air Canada's tariff called for refunds for any cancellations. AmEx completely ignored that. As I mentioned, I've got 2 of the 3 disputes still open, so I'll see where those go before doing anything about this one. Any risk to your AmEx standing by going through CFBP?
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