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LAX-TPE Bizclass ?

Originally Posted by MovieMan
It certainly is subjective and as Gaucho points out very difficult to rationalize from a financial POV.

Is it worth it? For me, if it's a 4 or 5 hour+ flight, it is, even when I am travelling on my own dime. Of course I would have answered differently a few years ago when I was a student or fresh out of school. Could I survive 16+ hours in Exec Y? Of course. I assume I would be reasonably physically comfortable, but for me the real torture would be mental--just thinking of everything I was missing by not sitting up front!
Hi Movieman.
THanks for the advice. I've never traveled with Singapore but have wanted toand wanted to get some feedback? THey have a good biz class RT fare into SEA to TPE. My final stop being BKK, it was easy to book a seperate RT fare with Eva. I normally travel with Oneworld but this year have the luxury of qualifying for EXP early so I can try another airline without jeapordizing my status.
I'm still considering changing my booking to Cathay thru HKG or American thru NRT as I'm reading less then glowing things about Singapore all the time. But then keep seeing that they're the world's #1 in every survey. I'm also reading bad things about TPE airport as well.
What are your or others' thoughts? Anything appreciated.
Cheers, Ramondo
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