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As others have said the visa waiver was revoked in March and hasn't been re-instated yet, so keep an eye on this webpage for changes: Department of Home Affairs - Exempt Countries Otherwise you need to apply for a visa.

I agree until the formal wording is released and we have some examples of leisure travellers entering and exiting without issue, I wouldn't make any judgements. Certainly not assuming that a landside journey from one flight ticket to another won't mean you get denied boarding. If you really, really want to travel, consider (much much closer to the time) cancelling your Amex 2-4-1 BA flights, head to Germany 11 days before Christmas and fly with Lufthansa and keep all of your records. Or even better as CWS suggests, do 11 days in an African nation that will let you in, e.g. Kenya with a negative PCR.

With regard insurance it is a bit of mess searching. There are insurances that will cover high-risk travel (against FCO advice) and they will cover against COVID related illness or quarantine if you or a travel partner show symptoms or if you or a partner are tested positive, you have to read the T&C. For example Battleface cover medical expenses, or the Allianz policies offered by Virgin and Emirates. What I haven't seen is cover for travel disruption because of Government decisions, so if SA change their minds again you could be looking at a big cost to get out ASAP. That I haven't seen covered anywhere.
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