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Originally Posted by ISTFlyer View Post
From both of the posts from the OP, I guess this looks like an agent fault rather than TK denying a change.

Plus TK contracts third party companies for the operation of their hotline, so the agents over there would not able to deal with this. Regardless of how many times the OP calls, unless he is connected to an agent at the IST HQ's ( very rare chance ), the agents would repeat the fact to fill out a feedback form.
Not worth a second more of OP's time.

He says that he has booked new tickets. All he needs is a refund of the original tickets. He is entitled to that. If TK won't refund, his card issuer will handle it through the chargeback system which puts the shoe on TK's foot.

Regarding language barriers, I can't speak to the language fluency of the agent with whom OP spoke, but it is reasonable that the agent is fluent in Turkish. I would advise rounding up a friend or colleague who does speak Turkish. Competent or not, if one can at least get to a common language, even if the agent is not a native-speaker, one tends to do better. But, that is for the future.
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