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Originally Posted by ISTFlyer View Post
From both of the posts from the OP, I guess this looks like an agent fault rather than TK denying a change.

Plus TK contracts third party companies for the operation of their hotline, so the agents over there would not able to deal with this. Regardless of how many times the OP calls, unless he is connected to an agent at the IST HQ's ( very rare chance ), the agents would repeat the fact to fill out a feedback form.
I was on the phone for an hour last night, explaining the revised LON/IST that I wanted. Eventually the agent said he "had a problem with his system", so would process the change and call me back. He never called me back, and didn't give me *any* of the legs I had actually requested, not one of them - and removed me from the leg that really mattered, and didn't need to change. The revised itinerary makes no sense. The outbound stops at IST, and the return starts from ECN and also stops at IST.

Another quandary - should I let original booking expire as a "no show" and battle for a refund, or take an open voucher, which I can presumably still do. First flight is next Weds, so have a bit of time to decide. I might need to make another trip, but won't know for another month.
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