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Originally Posted by ISTFlyer View Post
Did you accept any changes on the first ticket? Without your discretion, TK is not allowed to re-issue a ticket whenever a flight is cancelled or delayed for more than 15 minutes. If the ticket is re-issued by the hotline agent by mistake; it would take a long process for you to get a refund ( you would need to fill out the feedback form multiple times so that your phone call would be investigated ).

Also, the best way to get feedback from TK is to fill out the feedback form, but you might need to fill out the form multiple times as most likely you would get an automated response in the first time.

Plus, I assume that you have purchased the tickets directly from TK.
Thanks for the tips.

I asked for the ticket to be re-issued with adjusted LON/IST legs, but the agent didn't re-issue it as per my request (or even close), and left the booking in a completely screwed up state. The outbound is now just LGW/IST only - and the return is only ECN/IST - it's not even a complete round-trip. The key leg that he removed me from, was one leg that wasn't supposed to change anyway . I suspect he started by cancelling all the legs, then tried to rebook from scratch, only to realise he couldn't rebook the IST/ECN legs, as the inventory for those flights wasn't released back.

Sounds like I have quite a battle ahead to get a refund on that ticket

No response to the feedback form yet
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