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Originally Posted by MilesAndMore
I did the same route in raffles a fortnight ago and feel (personally) that the difference between raffles and econ is probably the least on this flight. the only benefit (put a $ value on it) is that you could possibly get your regular 7-8 hrs of sleep (the only time I ever slept this long on a SIN flight from the US). But this would negate the benefits of better food on Raffles. The seats in Raffles were less comfortable than expected and a conversation with the raffles FA revealed that he and many others felt economy was better "value" on this specific flight
I concur. I have flown SIN-LAX in both Raffles and Exec Econ and I would not pay a large premium for Raffles. That said, both of my flights in Exec Econ have been mid week with the seat open next to me. I think if I were to fly as a "single" in a full Raffles class and not be in the middle section, I'd feel quite put out.
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