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Originally Posted by xiphoid76 View Post
I have watched Hidden Figures 6 times, Casablanca 4 times, Hairspray so much I have memorized it. Coco about 3 times, plus over and over again the same episodes of We Bare Bears and Apple & Onion. I have a strange taste in entertainment I know; but I am REALLY tired of watching the same things again and again. They could at least update the TV section with some different episodes of Friends, or other sitcoms, or add some reality TV programs; plus they must have a ton of movies in their library they could add. I have emailed Delta, tweeted them about this. No response. I know it is of such minor concern, and safety comes first...I get it, but it seems like such a simple switch to make customers that have had to fly a ton during this pandemic happy. The middle seat is nice and all, but give me a Diet Coke and a new TV show to watch while flying and I would be such a happy flier
Oh man, that sucks. They are obviously trying to save money by not paying for new movies, but if theyíre paying for the current batch they might as well rotate it. I have no idea how it works or how they pay for having a library.
Iím glad I asked. This is my first flight since the pandemic hit and itís not long, just going from Alaska to Virginia so itís only about 10 hour of flying. Red eye to Seattle so Iíll be sleeping. I think I can find something to read or watch for the rest of time :-)

worst part for me is not having a cold soda or ice water available. I hate warm water and a warm soda is worse. And I hate carrying food but it looks like Iím going to need to at least have some snacks. My 2 layovers (Seattle and Detroit) are both barely an hour. Hopefully Iíll be able to at least grab a sandwich at a Starbucks or someplace.
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