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Possibility of purchasing upgrades at the counter for SQ flights?

two years ago when I flew from CHC-SIN, I went on a vacation to New Zealand with my mom and we bought full fare economy class tickets for SGD1500.00 ea. ex-SIN. We upgraded with miles from SIN-AKL, but because we booked the trip 1 wk before we left, there were apparently no seats left for upgrades to Raffles. But, because we dreaded sitting in economy on 10.5 hour flight back to Singapore so we went up to the counter and asked if there were any possiblities for upgrades. The SQ person in charge, was veryfriendly and very helpful like most other people I've met in NZ and offered to block the middle seat for us first and said that hold on let me see if we're doing upgrades today, no one else from SQ ex-SIN or many other places offered to do that before! She apologetically said no the flight was not oversold just very full and if she upgraded us she'd be queired by higher management. However I only had 35,000 miles on my card, which i used to upgrade my mother. But she felt bad that we would not be sitting together offered that we could pay NZD 1224.00 to upgrade to Raffles. After I said nicely that this was kinda expensive, she thought for a second went into a back office and came back saying we could pay NZD 1030.00 instead. This had full mileage and PPS credits so I agreed to pay the price which I thought was reasonable, never expected haggling to work with SQ . BASICALLY this was one really good experience but do any of you know any other cities which SQ is willing to upgrade you if you pay a price at the counter or was my ex-CHC upgrade a chance in a million??
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