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Yes. And so I now think that airlines should minimize food and beverage service for public health reasons. For example, for flights up to 3 hours, provide only a bottle of water and a straw, in all classes. For 3-5 hours, provide a small snack. Provide meals only on flights of 5 hours or longer. I don't think it would be practical to ban food that people bring, but at least they would be eating it at staggered times, rather than at roughly the same time for airline-provided food and beverages, and it would only be a fraction of passengers. Also, anyone who has a medical need for a little food can bring it as well.

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When we were first dealing with Covid in Feb. and March, transmission of the virus was thought to be by both aerosols and fomites. The change in handling of food, (which as @garykung noted was always to a higher level of safety for the reasons he pointed out) was to eliminate fomite transmission.

We now know that fomites are not mode of transmission of this disease. Of course unmasking while eating would increase possible airborne transmission, but eliminating this would entail eliminating all meals, not just wrapping food in plastic which is what the airlines are doing now. Serving an open hot meal would be no different than a cold plastic wrapped sandwich in regards to Covid safety. If you want to argue the no masks during eating as the reason for lack of food, then logically, one should ban all food from a plane, either served or brought on. (if you are going to keep your masks on the entire flight )

So this leaves cost cutting as the primary reason meals are gone. Less FA contact is a secondary benefit (less passenger/FA contact in the cabin) but with everyone masked these days, not nearly the concern it once was.
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