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It must be tough to be an airline when "thanks for your complaint" is the default

I had the opportunity to have an experience with Air Canada that warranted a compliment (a go around due to unsafe landing conditions).

There was some passenger griping and I thought it was worthwhile to signal to Air Canada that this passenger values pilots who want to ensure a landing is 100% safe despite possible passenger complaints.

The Air Canada system accepted my compliment by noting, "Thank you for sharing your travel experience. This is an automated response to let you know that we received your comments. A file number has been assigned and will be emailed to you shortly. Your feedback is very important and it may take some time to research and investigate your concerns. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience." (emphasis added)

It is a sad reflection on . . . something when this is the default response. I wonder if it is a reflection on the airline, its passengers, or something else.
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