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Originally Posted by Section 107 View Post
It is a time-zone issue. The flight is scheduled to arrive at 12:50pm LOCAL time (meaning at 12:50pm Mexico City time).

It is easy to get confused because parts of arizona do not follow daylight savings time and Mexico adjusts for DST using different dates than the US.

Considering reduced flight loads and no particular issues, your time in MEX passport control and customs should be quite brief - 30 minutes or less. I have traveled through there in peak holiday season with multiple flights with full loads being processed at the same time and the wait has not been more than 40 minutes.

I think if you plan with the expectation of leaving the airport 1 hour after arrival you should be just fine.
Are we talking about the same airport? Are you Mexican and can use the Mexican line thats always empty? I've lived in CDMX for 5 years and until covid hit I believe it has one of the longest waits in the world for immigration and also for your bag to come out. One time during semana santa the line was so far out the door it took almost 2 hours. Another time another year trying to get INTO the airport took almost an hour, I actually had to have the uber leave me about 1.5km from the airport and walk.

That being said since covid hit its super fast, but I would not give this advice out to assume immigration is fast. I think perhaps you just got lucky the few times you came. Plus holiday seasons can be a bit different in Mexico. Mexicans don't travel a lot in late November like Americans do, they don't travel as much in the summer, but late March - mid April is a nightmare, anytime around Easter. Americans dont typically travel for Easter but in Mexico virtually everyone does.
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