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Originally Posted by tardyturtle View Post
Sounds frustrating... one of those cases where Delta tells you to contact AmEx, and AmEx tells you to contact Delta? "It's not our fault, it's theirs...."
That's exactly it. I contacted Delta, they said if they'd gotten the info from AMEX, they would've given me the miles. I pointed out that the Fly Delta app DOES have the correct spending level. Then they sent me a link to select whether or not I want the miles in my account or given to someone else. I couldn't make a selection. So now, according to Delta, that means that AMEX hasn't sent them the info and I need to go back to them. Back to AMEX and all I got was "we'll open a ticket but you should see them within 8-12 weeks". I know this isn't specifically related to the tracker not updating, but I can't help but believe it's a part of the problem. Something is awry with their processing.
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