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Originally Posted by Adstring View Post
Any idea on what might happen in my situation.

6 of us travelling together. 4 adults. 1 x 3 year old. 1 x 1 year old. Between us we have a gold card and a silver card. Under normal circumstances that's not quite enough to get us all in the lounge (unless the agent wavea my 3 year old in).

Just booked a holiday for the 6 of us. Meets all the criteria for free lounge access (over £1000 each per adult etc). BUT the infant and child bring the average price down. I can see in the T&Cs that infants dont count in the calculation. But what about children? I could have split this booking into 2 to absolutely gaurantee lounge access (as only actually need one booking for 2 ppls to be eligible) but didn't to avoid an extra transaction.

Now worried that won't be able to get the family in due to technicality that could have been avoided by me splitting booking. Is there any way to tell from the booking if Lounge access has been triggered?
If the T&Cs specifically exclude only infants, then my reading is that children are included in the £1000 per head calculation and as such you do not qualify for lounge access under the offer. Unfortunate in your case as the 3 y/o is just over the age limit for infants, but the line has to be drawn somewhere and should be enforced IMHO.

You could try speaking to BA Holidays or just take everyone to Plane Food.

Alternatively, forget the offer and ask at the lounge entrance if they can make an exception for the 3 y/o and everyone gets access by virtue of your Gold and Silver cards. I have my own views on rule flexibility in this regard, but agents have been known to allow the above.
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