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Hmm, LH board member Mrs Foerster gave me during our long phone conversation a bit better hope.
As she explained, limo service in FRA is based on FCT and it is very difficult for them to make it without FCT. But they are working on it and we can hope on October but will see.
Anyway to resume the service they need more than 50 HON per day.
Interesting! Nevertheless, in my view a resumption in October is still a fairly long shot. I'd be willing to bet against it. HON and F travel is still in the doldrums. I just don't see the economic viability of the service.

Two little pieces of news seemed noteworthy to me yesterday. One, the recovery is still firmly driven by mid-haul tourism travel. There was a LH PR release which confirmed as much (Hohmeister is being cited as the recovery still being substantially stronger in the tourism sector; it included an announcement of 15 new mid-haul routes solely focused on tourist destinations). Two, apparently CS said in a teleconference with employees yesterday that October bookings are catastrophically low, around 10 per cent the level of last year. It seems to me it's primarily the business sector which is again postponing meetings and conferences that's driving this. And, ofc, with F largely out of the picture, if you have few HON business travellers, who are you going to serve with a limo service, an FCT, a FRA FCL B, or a ZRH FCL E?
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