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There is a strong argument for going with the cheapest. If they are botht he same-ish, then the fastest/best timed. For all the nitpicking we can do about this, both options are on reasonable airlines with good safety and comfort. If either service is an A350 then that's a small advantage, it is a good aircraft, and 787 if in WTP is fine too, in my view.

Because you would presumably be booking as one ticket, you would be reducing your chances of a POUG on BA by dint of the AMS leg, this tends to prevent the computers from calculating the POUG. You would have a high chance of an AUP regardless of this however. At the moment POUGs seem to be a high chance, though obviously compare fares to see if it would be better to book in business class from the outset. But to answer your question on the BA side you cannot count on a POUG to AMS, you would be more likely if booked to LHR, but that poses numerous other issues. For AUP then any BA routing would do.
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