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Originally Posted by NickRivas View Post
Curious, what's the logic between having the Schengen FCL in A open but not the non-Schengen in B? I'd imagine as low as travel numbers are, more people would be flying F on the more premium non-Sch out of Europe routes, while within Europe there's no real first class? I'd think the other way around would make more sense. The FCT being closed I can understand, but any plans on the B FCL to reopen?
You forget the HONs.

Also I'm not sure but most intl. flights leave from the Z/C Gates I think, FCL A is much closer tho those than FCL B. SO FCL A covers HONS flyign in Schengen as well as most F and HONs departing from Z and C because that's just a short walk from the lounge.

I wouldn't expect it to open anytime soon.
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