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Like for most of us, I suppose, it's been a while since I'd given any thought to buying an xONEx. But today, I starting daydreaming about booking a trip in the future, and it occurred to me: the utility of an xONEx that visits S. America has been totally wrecked by the loss of LATAM. Aside from QR's formerly scheduled EZE-GRU flights, are/were there any other OW operated flights within the region?

While it's in some sense a marginally more useful continent to include than is Asia when flying from Middle East to Australia, unlike that oddball, there's no possibility for a second arrival/departure to explore a bit later on in the itinerary. So unless one eats up coupons with a surface sector or two, it's less a continent to discover than a meager choice of one single South American city to visit (or max, two, if/when QR starts EZE-GRU again).

Of course - it's hard to envisage a near future where the sorts of itineraries I'd used to fly with these tickets would be within the realm of the possible, and a lot will probably change in the rules and the alliance before we reach that happy time. But still - even beyond the pandemic-related barriers - it's a bummer to think about just how limited our options have now become.
I have included S. America on a DONE5 in the past via North America as you can route thru and stop in NA both ways. Flew to GRU and purchased several flights to other cities ( IGU , GIG ) that were very cheap. Remember LATAM has very few, if any , flights with a true J class in SA. Even if I were to have purchased coach , I would have probably not used a lot of segments in SA. GRU or SCL offer lots a options for cheap domestic flights, but I do miss the option for SCL to Easter Island on a xONEx
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