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Originally Posted by Djokison View Post
As far as I can tell, the Y seats are the same.

As for J:
The KL 789 seat is a cheaper version of AFís seat. (Zodiac Cirrus, when done right, one of my favorite J seats.)

The 78X has the JAMCO seat, which Iím not familiar with.

Both have all aisle access, which I vastly prefer over any seat that involves me having a seat mate opponent (like KLís A330 and 777).
I thought it was much nicer than the 777. Equally comfortable seat but much newer feel and significantly more private, as every seat has direct aisle access as pointed out by Djokison. For solo travelers the window seats are the best because you'll get a view and no seatmate. If I were traveling by myself I'd consider the 787 an upgrade. When I travel with family I prefer the 777 and A330 though, because I like the side-by-side seats with our kids.
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