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In my view, its always an impossible challenge to 'justify' the 'real worth' of business travel in J vs. Y. I just think its a sterile argument.... I mean, is the extra space, amenities and perks something that is noticeable? Surely. Does it make the journey better, more comfortable? Of course. Will you tell the difference....? You can bet the line that divides your rear end in half you surely will notice a difference.

Now.... does the fact that J costs 3 times more than Y justify the extra expense....? In $$$$$$ terms, I doubt it. You and/or your company could find a zillion proyects that would give you/your company better returns than the delta spent on Business Class. I dont even buy the argument of jet lag and non productive periods after long flights in steerage.... its all a mind thing.

But hey.... this is coming from someone that cries like a baby everytime I have to slum it in coach, so.... what do I know....?

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