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Originally Posted by romans View Post
I was there yesterday but just close to Airport (Iris hotel) and just for one night, needed last 4 segments to be G. Defo go to the city, place close to airport is not what I want to repeat. Nothing against, just there is nothing special to do. City is city.
Yes, it looked a bit remote.. I saw the Hyatt Regency looked nice if I was just to sit by the pool all day (also an option!)

Originally Posted by Xandrios View Post
Well you can still fly to the islands. Its just that things like insurance might work differently (or not at all).
The crazy thing is that Thessaloniki has been quite a hotspot too, definitely more than some of the islands (though not sure how it compares to Crete).

Personally I'm not very familiar with the city... but I do know that it is well known for its cuisine. Probably very different from the island style that you were hoping to find, but hopefully good/nice nonetheless.
Yes, I thought it was a bit bizarre. 8 teenagers on boys holiday caught it in Crete and then brought it back. Thessaloniki is worse, but for NL not on the quarantine list (situation is not great here in NL either, to be fair. I am probabaly a higher risk than any local in Crete or mainland!)

Originally Posted by Sebi1 View Post
You can rent a car and drive down two hours to Chalkidiki. There are nice beaches and it is a touristic area with hotels and apartments. Thessaloniki is not that spectacular and in my opinion you have seen everything there within a few hours.
Nice idea - I'll check that out. I have a few Avis promotions I think too..

Originally Posted by KLouis View Post
The Archaeological Museum is a "must": the finds of the Vergina tombs are simply amazing!!!
Great! That sounds like a good way to spend a few hours. I quite like to learn about the destinations I go to and my knowledge of Greek history is virtually zero, which is a shame.

Thank you all for your constructive and great ideas - this is why this forum is a super place ^
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