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Originally Posted by LarryJ View Post
It looks to me like there has already been some consolidation. i.e. there were more flights but it has been reduced to three per day. It looks like at least one mainline flight was eliminate or down-gauged to a 70/76 seater.

They are also "holding" some reservations on those flights. "Held" seats are placeholders that act as a passenger reservation but don't represent a real passenger. There is still work to do to adjust affected passengers reservations, I believe, and, once that is done, you'll see a more accurate reflection of the available tickets. I would expect the booking levels to decrease as some affected passengers reschedule, cancel, or re-route and the "held" seats are eventually removed.

Have you tried talking to an agent about these flights or have you just looked online/app?
Just looked online so far. Will call. Makes sense that there's been some consolidation.
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