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Originally Posted by JDiver View Post
Lufthomie The greatest chances are youíll arrive in Terminal C or possibly Terminal A. The Mťxico flight is most likely to depart international terminal D, but has been known to occasionally depart A. On the return youíll arrive in D for sure, depart C or possibly A. DFW is easy to get around; look for the signs to the elevated Skylink stations. The Skylink trains go in both directions with something like two minute headway, itís all airside, and thereís no gate you canít make in ten minutes or less from another.

As youíre flying J to MEX, youíll have Admirals Club access both outbound and return, because MEX is an exception to AA access policy for domestic, N. America access. Your best bet is Terminal D Club if your flight departs there. Near gate 24, iirc. Youíll have Admirals Club access in MEX on your return as well, assuming itís open - it may not be.

God I love FT and members like you. This trip will be an adventure much needed. I think the only lounge access I will be able to hang is PHX before DFW as I like to get to the airport early. I don't know what will happen in MEX when I depart. I do have a 2 hour layover in DFW on the way back. I don't know how long it will take to clear from that flight. My last layover from MEX in 2018 was 2 hours but I was prolonged because I declared the Spanish chorizo I had and my wife threw a fit. The banter between customs and myself was classic and good natured as I handed over the "goods". The wife still gives me grief to this day :P
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