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Testing is a desperate attempt to save what remains of the industry, to keep it alive until Q2 2021 when a recovery is expected to start.
It appears that some people are unaware of the ongoing problem with the constant arrival of infected people on passenger flights into Canada. The airlines have a growing PR crisis. Maybe it is because the issue has not been highlighted or some do not wish to acknowledge that the airlines deliver new infections to Canada. IMO, if the general public was aware of the extent of the issue, there would be pressure to further curtail international air travel. The impact on domestic air travel would probably kill the industry. How many people on this forum look at the data? It is sobering if just the past week or two are considered for Air Canada.

.International Air Canada flights with confirmed COVID-19 cases (Includes Air India code share)

Flight Departing Destination Flight date Affected rows
AC821 Athens (ATH) (YYZ) 8/20/2020 25 to 30
AC8491 Washington (DCA) (YYZ) 8/23/2020 Unknown
AC1255 Kingston (KIN) (YYZ) 8/24/2020 4 and 12 to 15
AC835 Geneva (GVA) (YUL) 8/26/2020 19 to 25
AC949 Pointe-a-Pitre (PTP) (YUL) 8/22/2020 16 to 22
AC873 Frankfurt (FRA) (YYZ) 8/21/2020 31 to 37
AC 847 Munich (MUC) (YYZ) 8/26/2020 25 to 31
AC849 London (LHR) (YYZ) 8/26/2020 Unknown
AC1255 Kingston (KIN) (YYZ) 8/26/2020 19 to 26
AC43 Delhi (DEL) (YYZ) 8/20/2020 15 to 21
AC992 Mexico City (MEX) (YYZ) 8/22/2020 20 to 26
AI187 Delhi (DEL) (YYZ) 8/23/2020 30 to 36 and 43 to 49
AI1143 New Delhi (DEL) (YVR) 8/26/2020 36 to 42
Source: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-heal...html#wb-auto-5

- The Federal government has not been forthcoming on the situation.
- Keep in mind that there is not a unified, common test and track program in Canada. When an airline passenger is identified as exposed, the federal public health authorities DO NOT advise the passenger to be tested. Health care is a closely guarded provincial mandate and it is a provincial responsibility.
- The voluntary isolation requirement efficacy is unproven.

The situation is just as serious on domestic routes. The number of infected people flying around Canada is too large to show. Here is an indication of just the impact for one province, British Columbia since the start of the pandemic.


One of the worst kept secrets in the airline industry is that the voluntary isolation measures are not working in Canada and that the airline screening measures are ineffective. Air Canada is running out of time to restore consumer confidence. The testing program is a desperate attempt to protect what remains of the business.
If the testing can be shown effective then a key the obstacle to reopening for winter holidays will be removed and negative press like this will be avoided;
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