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Yes, and they may lose a 13 year Platinum member (spending over $100K+ per year) as a result. I disputed a Ticketmaster charge because the event was "postponed" with no specific date provided. Ticketmaster responded no refunds and they closed the dispute. During this time they started offering refunds for a limited period of time, but I could not take advantage because I already had a dispute in process. I started looking at their dispute policies and noticed that they're wooing new merchants by limiting consumer protections. I asked to be transferred to the retention line just to make a point and they offered me 30,000 points to stay for one year. I refused the points, don't want them; I want my problem solved.

This has me thinking, could I quit my job and start selling tickets for concerts that will never happen "because Covid?" It sounds way more lucrative than actual work.
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