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Originally Posted by Revelate View Post
Isnít it more based on gates / landing slots than routes though? Unless Delta is pulling out of airports entirely it isnít that long to reinstate the route?

I do wonder though if it is just being shuffled around with partners: I need to check older AM flight numbers as I may be mistaken but it looks lIke the AM fare sale I jumped on JFK-MEX-LIM (when I thought this was going to be done by September whoops) recently got switched to a flight number I didnít think they ran and is now on Delta metal explicitly for JFK-MEX.
Similar change for me. I have a trip in December (that probably won't happen) going from JFK-MEX-SCL. I booked it so I could experience the 787-9, which was the equipment on all 4 segments. Now the JFK-MEX segments are on a DL 757 (not lie-flat) and the MEX-SCL segments are on the 787-8. Not their best configuration.

But, there's a good chance the flight would get canceled. AM has been pushing back the restart of their SCL service. Right now it's scheduled for October 1.
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