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Originally Posted by RealHJ View Post
HNL-NGO, HNL-KIX are gone entirely - all the way through end of schedules in July, 2021 (along with HNL-NRT 4-5x daily used to be 747 and A330 mix, that is now a sad tiny only 1x daily 767 HNL-HND...but that was already so from before). DL seems to be really cutting down on international flights and giving its market share to others (like HA, JL, NH, UA, KE, and D7 for HNL - Japan). This is esp. surprising given the already approved by Japan gov't "travel bubble" between Japan and Hawaii, where, unlike with rest of US49, any quarantine and such requirements would be bypassed with the requisite testing and what not requirements met. All other airlines still have their normal schedules for 2021, but DL has cut it all entirely to end of schedules (save for HNL-HND tiny 1x daily 767, that is practically nothing given the multiple daily A380s on ANA, and the five-digit daily seats on HNL-TYO alone, not even looking at the many 100s through 1000s of daily seats on the other major routes).
Isnít it more based on gates / landing slots than routes though? Unless Delta is pulling out of airports entirely it isnít that long to reinstate the route?

I do wonder though if it is just being shuffled around with partners: I need to check older AM flight numbers as I may be mistaken but it looks lIke the AM fare sale I jumped on JFK-MEX-LIM (when I thought this was going to be done by September whoops) recently got switched to a flight number I didnít think they ran and is now on Delta metal explicitly for JFK-MEX.

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