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Originally Posted by TravelingZoomer View Post
Spare me the hogwash. This country was founded on stolen land on, depending on the backs of enslaved involuntary immigrants. I digress.

Although Iím not sure what youíre debating here. The reason youíd wear a mask is because of the forced mandate, government, business or otherwise. Hence the need for a mandate, because some individuals are too selfish and shortsighted to understand science and the greater good.

This is not a moral argument. Mandates work. Masks work. I donít care why businesses decided to enforce one, and they didnít need to if the government were competent. The faster this pandemic ends the faster we can go on with our lives.
The science is certainly not settled. Thankfully Sweden has shown us that herd immunity and no mask requirement renders COVID about as dangerous as an above average flu season.

Alaska Airlines and other US airlines are not mandating masks because they are concerned about the spread of COVID, they are doing it to prevent the spread of frivolous litigiousness. For me, I can respect the private mandate for that reason, and will happily comply to help protect one of our nation's most critical industries from financial insolvency.
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