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I would state this exactly the opposite. Individuals are ALWAYS the ones who should make decisions for themselves and for their family, not the government. This wonderful country was founded on rugged individualism.

In this case I have no problem with private businesses enforcing a requirement for masks (although if we are honest with ourselves the airlines are doing this for liability protection and no other reason). My family and I will be abiding by this private business mandate and will be wearing masks on our upcoming AS flights and then summarily removing them the second we cross through the airport exit to the outdoors. Others will choose to keep them on all the way through to their rental car (and including while they drive) and that is okay. Both positions should be supported with graciousness.
Unless you're in a crowded, undistanced mob I don't think most people care about you removing your mask outdoors. I do it all the time in the grocery store parking lot.
In a situation concerning public health, what you're glorifying as "rugged individualism" is simply self centered disregard for others because it is personally inconvenient. It's about as "rugged" as peeing in a public pool because it's too inconvenient to get to the washroom.
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