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Originally Posted by canadiancow View Post
I cannot book a flight on AC.com without providing an email address. I'm not sure how that works for TA bookings.

I don't think it would be THAT hard to require a phone number be entered at check-in. I'm fairly certain that causes it to be stored on the PNR permanently too.
Since an email isn't sufficient to do contract tracing, then I assume you are agreeing that the current AC system and the passenger manifest are insufficient for contract tracing purposes?

Even a single phone number is not sufficient. Somebody could provide their home (land line) number and not their cell when travelling.

Mobile # and destination address and alternate contact with same detail would seem to me to be a reasonable minimum. How hard would that be to collect at checkin? I don't know; you probably have a lot better grasp of that than I do. I know the actual programming would be fairly trivial, but it is the privacy, infrastructure, db modifications, etc. that are the rub.
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